About Interior Design
Five Things We Think Are Important


1. Spatial Design
2. Style
3. Lighting
4. FF&E Cordination
5. Storage


Spatial Design


spatial design

A person’s state of mind is greatly influenced by the space which surrounds him/her and the sight he/she sees.
Beauty is an especially important element.
A well-organized space surrounded by your “favorites”.
The joy of having a house or an office that you can call your favorite place in the world.
That is what Atelier FAVORI aspires to bring to reality

A Japanese-style, asymmetric space
A Western-style, symmetric space
A Japanese-style space with larger openings and fewer walls
A Western-style space featuring smaller windows and more walls

In Japan’s housing environment today, creating picturesque beauty can be a daunting challenge due to various constraints and other elements. We seek to overcome those barriers through renovation that completely alters the spatial structure. We try to make the most of limited space available to maximize beauty and convenience in your everyday life.





Everyone has his/her own favorite style.
But not everyone knows what it is. In fact, when a prospective homeowner said he wanted a Southern French touch, it turned out that he actually meant a Mediterranean taste. In another case, someone who thought he was seeking a Balinese tinge was in fact looking for a Thai/Cambodian style.

Each established style is underpinned by its own history, culture and climate. At Atelier FAVORI, we value the essence of these styles — i.e., authenticity — while taking into account the Japanese climate as we bring our client’s dream to reality.

As an example of a popular style, “industrial” has been in vogue in the UK over the past several years. A quick stroll around town will show you a number of rustic, industry-themed designs in many new buildings, especially commercial properties. Redevelopment projects before and after the London Olympics likely fueled the fad.

One of our specialties at Atelier FAVORI is “eclectic.” It’s an amalgamation of different styles, but it’s not just mixing things at random. There are theories and techniques to it. If, for instance, you have an antique chest that’s been in the family for centuries and want to meld it into a modern interior, you’ve come to the right place!





Making the room brighter is not the sole purpose of lighting
Listening to jazz, alone, relaxed, with a glass of Scotch in your hand
Enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner
A big party with lots of children and grown-ups that behave like children
A good lighting plan should be able to accommodate various scenes in life.
It should also be easy on your eyes and help your body relax.

Lighting can have a great influence on your health. We think a good lighting design is as important as getting a good doctor to prescribe medicine. From the direct impact on your eyes to the effect on your hormones, there are many physical and mental implications. Choosing lighting equipment — the light source, shades and the direction of the light — requires extensive expertise.

Lighting is also an important part of interior design. Atelier FAVORI can propose equipment from a wide worldwide selection of high-quality designs — from classics used at premier hotels and museums globally to the latest work of up-and-coming designers unearthed at European trade fairs — while taking into account the required functionality.


FF&E Coordination



Coordination, or “Furniture, Furnishing and Equipment” as we call it in the industry, refers to furniture, curtains, rugs, lighting, mirrors, artwork/fixture — all those things that will fall out when you turn a house upside down. It’s the most fun part of interior design.

Atelier FAVORI can propose a range of high-quality products from major domestic manufacturers as well as from overseas makers who may not have distribution channels in Japan. If you want originality, the latter might be the way to go. We can even take you to overseas purchasing tours upon request.

We can also arrange for tailor-made furniture that can help you maximize the use of space. With such one-of-a-kind products, you can place furniture of the perfect size, color and functionality in the desired location in your house.

This is the equivalent of fashion that you wear, so the balance in color, texture and volume, etc., is critical. We value harmony and originality.





Storage plays an important part in maintaining neatness.

For example, when choosing a kitchen cabinet, factors to consider include: content, volume, lifestyle, body height, right-handed or left-handed, health, personality, location, and preference for the lid-opening style, among other things.

Easy to see, tidy, and minimal action required. A well designed storage plan helps to significantly reduce your workload.

By listening to you about your lifestyle, we will figure out a storage plan that could help you keep your home tidy (lets you easily “reset” after making a mess) and might even get children to cooperate in maintaining order.